Uniform Store

The Greenberg School Uniform

  • Navy Blue Polo Shirts (with collar or golf shirt, short or long sleeves)

  • Navy Blue Sweaters (cardigans or pullover for colder weather)

  • Navy Blue Greenberg T-Shirt, if the weather is hot

  • Khaki Pants (for boys or girls)

  • Khaki Capri pants and cargo pants (knee-length) are permitted during warm weather

  • Khaki skirts or jumpers (knee-length)

  • Dress shoes or sneakers are acceptable. Open-toed shoes are prohibited.

  • Any solid color cardigan sweater without a design or logo.

Physical Education Day Uniforms

  • On P.E. Days students can wear items below instead of above uniform:

  • Greenberg Gray P.E. shirt School Logo

  • Greenberg Athletic T-Shirt

  • Sweatpants or jogging pants (Solid Navy or Black Only)

  • Sneakers

Optional Uniform Attire - Middle School Only

  • Kelly green T-shirt with yellow Greenberg logo

Important Note about Shorts: In the Fall, students are permitted to wear shorts until October 1. In the Spring, students are permitted to wear shorts beginning May 1. NO SHORTS BETWEEN OCTOBER 1 and MAY 1.